Very Large Viginas Is It True That Slim Women Have Large Viginas As Compared To Fat Women?

Is it true that slim women have large viginas as compared to fat women? - very large viginas

No error, just curious


♫♪♫ Moem ♀ said...

Learn to spell. The sheath of the written word. "

No, this is the size of the internal female sex organs are not on the size of your body.

Bel Diamante said...

First, it is as a vagina, not a Venn

Secondly, no, not the truth, the women's vagina in various sizes, large or thin.

Third, this question is an insult to women is higher.

And finally, what kind of question as stupid as that?

Superfantabulous geek said...

amm i dont know havent had sex or know anything about it, but I am a young man just 18 I'm seriously going to try, a professional Phyics vagina every working woman.

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